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NEPA21 Electroporator
ELEPO21 Electroporator
NEPA Porator
ECFG Porator
Transgenic Mouse Zygote Electroporation: NEPA21
Organoid Electroporation: NEPA21
Neuroscience & Genome Editing Publications
Hybridoma Production for Monoclonal Antibodies
Bacteria / Yeast Electroporation
SP100: Sonoporator
NEPA21: Illustrated  Applications
NEPA21: Publications by   Research Application
- Connection Cables
- CU700: Monitoring System
- CU902: Polarity Exchanger
- CUY21 EDIT Electroporator
- CUY21 EDIT-S Electroporator
- CUY21 SC Electroporator
- In Vivo, In vitro Electrodes
- Electroporation Cuvettes
- Cuvette Chamber & Stand   Holder
- Laser Thermal Microinjector
- Mechanical Vibration Units
- Ultrasounic BioMicroscope
- KTAC-4000: Sonoporator
- LF101: Cell Fusion Device
- LF201: Cell Fusion Device
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SONIDEL SP100 and KTAC4000
Electro Cell Fusion
LF101 and LF201

Featured Device

Product Code: SONIDEL MB101

Desc:Microbubble for Ultrasound-mediated Transfection
Applic:Sonoporation Aid

Featured Electrode

Product Code: CUY692-69-13-9

Electrodes for Electroporation
69 needle electrodes, 13mmφ, 9mm length, tip: 0.5mmφ

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