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Featured Device

Product Code: SONIDEL STK10

Desc:Ultrasound Transfection Positive Control
Applic:Sonoporation Transfection Kit

Featured Electrode

Product Code: CUY500G2

Electrodes for Electro Cell Fusion
Micro Slide Gold Wire Electrode - 2.0mm gap, Volume 80l

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Improve Electroporation Transfection Efficiency with the CU902 Polarity Exchanger

CU902 Polarity Exchanger

The CU902 Polarity Exchanger

Improves Electroporation Transfection Efficiency


During electroporation, DNA naturally moves to and accumulates at the positive (+) electrode pole (similar to the process in electrophoresis).  However, such accumulation (if not addressed) adversely impacts on electroporation transfection efficiency. The CU902 Polarity Exchanger addresses the sub-optimal effects of accumulation by reversing the electrical polarity of the electrodes during the electroporation event, thus preventing accumulation and ensuring better DNA uptake throughout the whole of the cells.



Electrode polarity is reversed with the push of a button



CU902 Setup for:

CUY21SC, a petridish electrode and a cover electrode

CU902 Setup for:

CUY21SC and a tweezer electrode

. .
CU902 Polarity Exchanger

CU902F Polarity Exchanger with foot switch

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