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Product Code: SONIDEL SP100

Applic:(hover for application)Application:
  • Delivery of plasmids to cells and tissues for gene therapy-based applications and studies.
  • Delivery of nucleic acids such as siRNA, RNAi etc. to cells and tissues for studies on control of gene expression/gene therapy.
  • Delivery of cancer chemotherapeutic agents to impermeable target cells/tissues.
  • Delivery of agents to cells to study metabolic effects.

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Product Code: CUY651P

Electrodes for Electroporation
Tweezers with platinum U-shape platinum electrodes, outer: 6mmf inner: 3mmf

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Knock-down by transfection of shRNA expression vector by electroporation

Knock-down by transfection of shRNA expression vector by electroporation

NEPA21 / CUY21 Applications

[In Ovo] Knock-down by transfection of shRNA expression vector by electroporation

(A) shRNA expression vector is electroporated as shown above.

(B) Select target DNA sequence of 19 to 21 mer. Sense and antisense sequence were linked to a nucleotide spacer as a loop and put into expression vector that is driven by U6 or H1 promoter. Commercially available expression vector that dreives expression by mouse U6 promoter is effective in chick embryos.

(C) After transcription, hairpin is digested to form siRNA, and siRNA forms RISK (RNA-induced silencing complex) to degrade the target mRNA.


shRNA expression 24 hous after electroporation.

24 hours after electroporation.

(A) Transfection is monitored by co-electroporated GFP fluorescence.

(B), (C) Application of siRNA against En2 by electroporation shows degradation of En2 mRNA (B).

(C) Control side


Graduate School of Life Sciences, and Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer, Tohoku University

Harukazu Nakamura and Tatsuya Katahira

*Mechanisms of Development, Volume 121, Issue 9, Pages 1137-1143, September 2004

*Development Growth & Differentiation, Volume 45, Issue 4, Pages 361-367, August 2003



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