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Product Code: OCH01

Desc:Cell Holder
Applic:Electroporation and Sonoporation

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Product Code: CUY5000P1

Electrodes for Electro Cell Fusion
Platinum wire electrodes on petridish, 1mm gap

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Epidermis-Targeted Gene Transfer Using In Vivo Electroporation

Epidermis-Targeted Gene Transfer Using In Vivo Electroporation

NEPA21 / CUY21 Applications.

[Skin] Epidermis-Targeted Gene Transfer Using In Vivo Electroporation


CUY663-5X10 Tweezers Electrode with Variable Gap 3 Needle Fork and Stainless Steel Rectangle Plate




(1) Tweezers with Variable Gap 3 Needle Fork & Stainless Steel Rectangle Plate Electrode, 5mm x 10mm (CUY663-5X10: NEPA GENE)

(2) Pulse generator (CUY21 EDIT Square Wave  Electroporator: NEPA GENE)


ß-Galactosidase expression on d 1 (A) and d 7 (B) after the pCAGGS-lacZ transfer with electroporation at 18V.

ß-Galactosidase was expressed in the upper most cell layers (horny, granular, and prickle cell layers) of the epidermis on d 1 (A), and in the subcutaneous muscle layer on d 7 (B).

Magnification: (A) x 250, (B) x 70


Division of Clinical Nephrology and Rheumatology, Niigata University Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences; Hiroki Maruyama

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