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Featured Device

Product Code: SONIDEL STK10

Desc:Ultrasound Transfection Positive Control
Applic:Sonoporation Transfection Kit

Featured Electrode

Product Code: CUY560-3-0.5

Electrodes for Electroporation
Stainless Steel, Parallel fixed needle electrodes, 10mm tip length, 3mm gap, 0.5mmφ

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[Ultrasound generator/Sonoporator]

SONIDEL Limited range of sonoporation devices is further extended and complimented by the KTAC4000. The KTAC4000 is one of the most versatile commercially available sonoporators on the marketplace. Unlike other competing devices (with fixed frequency output limited to either 1MHz or 3 MHz) the KTAC4000 has a variable frequency range from 200KHz to 5 MHz. The KTAC4000 can also accommodate any of the 12 probe configurations specifically designed for it – unlike other devices, one is not restricted to 1/2 factory-fitted probes. Moreover, as with all electronic devices, competing devices suffer from some frequency drift which means the power output at that frequency will diminish with time. The KTAC4000, however, can be adjusted or tuned to compensate frequency drift.

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View KTAC4000 Probe Range

View KTAC-400 Probe Calibration Procedure

The SONIDEL Limited suite of sonoporators is further enhanced by the SONDEL SP100. This device is the World’s First (low) cost-breakthrough high performance sonoporator.

This is a specialist device that features an over-riding frequency pulse regime capability (20 and 40 kHz) that may be superimposed on the output from the SONIDEL SP100 platform. This feature may be exploited in achieving short term cell membrane permeabilising events to lower molecular weight substances. Applications of such a device and such an approach include enhancing the action of drugs such as cancer chemotherapeutic agents.

To complement the additional measurement control afforded by the SONIDEL SP100, we have also developed the World’s First positive control kit for ultrasound-mediated transfection (SONIDEL STK10® Transfection Kit). The SONIDEL SP100S sonoporator has been specifically calibrated to optimise it for use with the SONIDEL STK10® Transfection Kit.

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